Jackals and Drones, Chronicles of A summer

16min HD, 2016-2018

“The most immediate link between Medea and Medoidze is geographic: Medea was the daughter of King Aeëtes of Colchis, which now forms part of present-day Georgia. But Medoidze’s concern with the myriad forms a story might assume also invites Medea into her films. The Medea we encounter in Jackals and Drones decries Western culture’s obsession with technology and progress, warning us of the inability of any singular narrative to grasp the thick profusion of our reality.“ TANK Magazine full text 

+Installation view

Selected screenings:

Jackals and Drones, LUX

Sophio Medoidze: AB-JOY, Serpentine cinema

Twelve woman gone missing, TAF

Festival Scope Pro, Online