Let Us Flow

63 min, 4K, sound, UK/Georgia, 2023.

A long poem to the mountains, Let us Flow explores the isolated mountainous region of Tusheti, in Northeast Georgia.
The film considers the importance of ritual, the maintenance of community ties, and how modernisation and migration
are transforming rural landscapes. Shot over several years, Let us Flow uses innovative audio-visual techniques and sound
composition to make visible the symbolic and physical division of sacred spaces within the community and offers a nuanced
perspective on a culture where ancestral shrines are only accessible to men.


New Cinema Award, Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival
Arts Council England, Project Grant
Georgian National Film Centre, Documentary film fund
On&For working session, Brussels
Feature Expanded development and SUB ti awards

Selected screenings:

Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen
Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Belgium
Sophio Medoidze: Kotori, TATE Modern, London
Berwick film festival, Berwick, UK
European media art festival, Osnabruk, Germany


14 min HD, sound, UK/Georgia/France, 2020.

In MADOLI Medoidze’s storytelling traverses different layers of rich symbolic imagination of this tiny nomad community,
while her camera documents everyday fleeting detail. Her predicament as a returning migrant and a woman puts her in a
peculiar position of both insider and outsider, which she expresses through framing and juxtaposition of
different image modalities.

Selected screenings:

Centre d'art Contemporain Bretigny, France
Interseccion A coruna, Galicia, Spain
Le Cyclop, Milly-la-Forêt, France


6 min HD, color, UK/Georgia, 2019.

“But then something changes. Just as the man’s eyes flit from offscreen directly into the camera, the music cuts off
mid-trill. We hear the snorts of the horse, the gentle hubbub of other people talking and laughing in the background.
Everything changes, slightly. A spell is lifted, or rather a set of expectations is dispelled;
the fairytale gives way to something funnier and stranger.” 
full text

Selected screenings:

Beursschouwburg Brussels
TATE Modern
Short Film Festival Oberhausen
LUX, London
Paris Internationale
Le Cyclop
Irish Museum of Modern Art
Foundation Vincent Van Gogh Arles
Tyneside cinema, Newcastle
HOME Manchester
Tbilisi art fair, Public Programme
Serpentine Cinema, Serpentine Galleries

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